K.K.Shuddh Ayurvedic Pharmacy

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he proper identification and standardization of all raw materials using state-of-the art equipments and instrumentation, which ensures the consistency of raw material. Strict monitoring of processing parameters according to ayurvedic traditions transposed in modern facilities with Modern equipments and technology guarantees that consumers receive the best of an ancient science in a modern setup.   


             The standardization of final products ensures total product consistency, they deliver the prove benefit as prescribed in the Ayurvedic pharmacopoeia. The extensive formulation research coupled with the prolonged tests, prior to introducing the product into the market, guarantee advantages of well-balanced, multi-ingredient formula.


                                       Since 1984 we are providing authentic Ayurvedic preparations with Ayurvedic Standards. The pharmacy has developed many new formulations in order to provide genuine Ayurvedic/herbal medicines to the patients with strong base of marketing operations across the country. Many of our products are in process for patent filing. At presently the pharmacy has its own distribution network across the country. Recently the pharmacy is exporting their genuine Ayurvedic preparations in European Countries.We have gotten remarkable success in our therapeutic products and also in veterinary medicines. We have developed growth promoter and immune booster for Animals. We are successfully conducting medical health camp in tribal areas of Gujarat for providing better health to the public.


                           Delivering consistent quality , efficient & safe Ayurvedic medicines is our Motto. We are committed to develop and provide better therapeutic, personal medicines for improving quality of life. We are also planning to develop our own R & D section. We are also trying to expand our business in Ayuvedic sector by introducing new products in India and as well as abroad by 2005. We are planning to setup Ayurvedic Retail Chain store in all over India in order to provide genuine Ayurvedic and herbal preparation to health conscious people.