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Bhringaraj (Eclipta alba)Dried

Rating: Not Rated Yet Manufacturer: K.K.Shuddh Ayurvedic Pharmacy PDFEmail
Base price with tax: $114.65
Sales price without tax: $104.94
Tax amount: $9.71
Sales price: $114.65


Parts Used:
Root and stems.

Traditional Ayurvedic Uses:

Bhringaraj has a Keshya effect, meaning that it directly nourishes and improves the hair.
It is especially good for the liver, which is governed by the subcategory of Pitta called Ranjaka Pitta. Ranjaka literally translates as "that which colors", and explains the ability of Bhringaraj to balance and improve hair color from within.
By improving liver function, Bhringaraj also helps to remove and prevent impurities (Ama) throughout the body.


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